KPC Herbs Products

KPC Products, Inc., is the leader in TCM industry in implementing the highest quality of herbal products.KPC’s herbal products have passed through the TCM industry’s most rigorous testing standards and inspection processes.All produced according to GMP standards in our ISO 9001:2000 pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facility, and fully tested as outlined elsewhere on this site to the Golden Standard.


KPC has preserved the natural wisdom passed down from the traditional practices of herbal medicine.KPC aims to promote Chinese traditional herbs for a healthier lifestyle and elevate standards of living by distributing the safest and highest quality products.


KPC’s herbal products come in granular forms, and some of the more common formulas are available in capsule and tablet formats.

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ZANE Cordyceps Tea


ZANE Finest Cordyceps Tea, a premium 100% Militaris Cordyceps uniquely cultivated with patented technology from best species of wild Cordyceps originating in Tibet plateau:

  • PROMOTES GOOD HEALTH: A superior Oriental Herb and excellent tonic for heart, liver, kidneys and lungs.  Aids in vitality and immune support.
  • NATURAL: Fresh 100% Pure Cordyceps. No Added Preservatives. Easy Absorption by the body. Portable & Tasty.
  • SUPERFOOD: Patented & Proprietary Cultivated Cordyceps, derived from wild Cordyceps originating in Tibet plateau.
  • AFFORDABLE: 17 times cheaper than wild Cordyceps comparing per gram. However, since our Cordyceps tea has higher active ingredients, effective price is 50 times cheaper than wild Cordyceps.