Beijing Bao Shu Tang

Bao Shu Tang Snow Lotus Cream

a magical product known as BAO FU LING, one of the four famous Chinese medicine for an ancient skin repair prescription inherited for centuries.

The most important feature of BAO FU LING is to restore the skin’s self-repair function, effective for inhibition of bacteria. No matter it is burns, scalds, eczema, dermatitis, skin allergies, mosquito bites, sunburn, or acne, as long as it is skin problem. Pure herbal medicine extraction, without hormones, can effectively kill the fungi on the skin and in the blood to restore the skin’s self-healing ability.


Bao Shu Tang Herbal Essence Rub

  • established almost at the same time with Bao Fu Ling cream. Used for muscle ache, muscle cramp, motion sickness, headache, abdominal bloating due to too much gas, insect bites, etc. It is also used to promote blood circulation to remove stasis and counteract inflammation and swelling.


Shexiang Zhuang Gu Gao

  • Bao Shu Tang another hot product helps to relief the joint and muscle pain and soreness.

Raw Herbs & Patch

MozzieGuard Repellent Patch 

MozzieGuard is an all natural mosquitoes repellent made by lemon eucalyptus oil that comes in patch form.

MozzieGuarad offer many benefits over other form of mosquitoes repellent :-

  • DEET Free;
  • Easy to Use;
  • 100% natural lemon eucalyptus oil;
  • Offer Long Lasting Protection;


Raw Herbs 

The most natural and original Sulfur- Free Raw Herbs being selected from Republic of China. As we promise your safety and the highest finest quality herbs are provided..